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13. LPA OPG advice Registering the LPA


Download this page as a pdf document


Once you have completed the questions in the first part of your LPA form, this service will take you through the steps to send in your LPA for registration.


To register your LPA:

  1. Using this service, answer the questions in the registration part of the LPA form.
  2. Pay the application fee online or by cheque.
  3. Print the completed LPA, including the registration section, and sign it in the right order.
  4. Send your signed LPA form to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG), along with a fee remission form and evidence if you are applying to pay a reduced fee.


The current fee for applying to register an LPA is £82. If you get means-tested benefits or have a low income, you may be able to pay less or no fee. 'Fees and reductions' has more information. If paying by cheque, enclose your cheque with your LPA and registration forms when you send them to OPG.


Before you send in the LPA for registration, you can use this service to make sure you sign it in the right order and print the completed forms to tell any people who need to be notified that you are registering it.


Don't make any changes to the LPA document after you've signed it. That could make it invalid, so you'd have to print it again and get everyone to sign it again.


When it receives the LPA, OPG will check the form to make sure there are no errors. It will then register and stamp your LPA and return it to you. This takes between 8 and 10 weeks.


Why you should register your LPA

You don't have to register your LPA once you've completed it - you can register it later - but it's a good idea to register it as soon as you can. Your attorneys can only use your LPA to make decisions on your behalf after OPG has registered it and sent it back to you officially stamped.


If you register your LPA as soon as it is signed, OPG can spot mistakes while they can still be changed. If there are any errors, you may have to fill in all or part of the LPA again. You can only do that if you still have mental capacity.


If you no longer have mental capacity, your attorneys can apply to register your LPA - however, it won't be possible to correct any errors. If there are mistakes, OPG can't register the LPA and the LPA can't be used. Your attorneys - or someone else - will have to apply to the Court of Protection to get the power to make decisions on your behalf or get a declaration that the LPA can be treated as valid. This can be a long process and can cost a lot more than an LPA.


The information you'll need to fill in

The registration part of the LPA service will ask you a few questions such as:

  • who is applying to register the LPA – this will be you (the donor) or at least one of the attorneys
  • the correspondence address – give details of where OPG should write or phone while your application is processed
  • whether you’re applying to pay a reduced fee


The rest of the details will be completed automatically for you.


Print your forms, sign them and send them in

Once you've filled everything in, print out the LPA and sign it in the right order.


You need a PDF reader like Adobe Reader ( to view and print the LPA form.


Send OPG the signed LPA document. You must include any continuation sheets that have been printed and signed.


If you want to apply to pay lower or no application fees, you must include:

  1. The signed 'Application for exemption or remission of LPA/EPA application fees' form (LPA120A). You can download this at the same time as you download the LPA and registration forms.
  2. Proof that you should pay less or don't have to pay at all.


See 'Fees and reductions' to find out if you can pay less.


What happens when OPG gets your LPA?

If you (the donor) are applying to register the LPA, OPG lets the attorneys know about the application. If an attorney is applying, OPG tells you and any other attorneys.


OPG then processes the LPA and holds it for at least 4 weeks.


The 4-week wait is set by law. It gives people time to raise concerns they have about the LPA: for example, if they think you're being forced into making it or that someone is committing fraud.


OPG also uses the time to check that the LPA has been made correctly and there's nothing that would make it invalid or unworkable. If there is something that must be corrected before it can be registered, OPG will contact you.


The registered LPA document that OPG sends you is the same form that you filled in and sent to OPG - but you will see it's been stamped, once OPG has registered.










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